The Ruth House and Gentilly House were the brainchildren of Mr. Peter Keelen and Mr. Carlos R. Thomas.

 Mr. Keelen (Mr. Peter) came up with the concept of helping others needs and desire to find "A safe place to live, To Beat the Streets" and as a consequence of not having affordable living on a limited income after Hurricane Katrina; also to help others to overcome their situation of homelessness, after the rebuilding of the New Orleans Metro Area.

 The idea was to satisfy all of a house members living needs, in a safe, clean, comfortable, alcohol and drug-free environment. Giving the house member the freedom of coming and going as they please (No Curfew), for $125.00 Weekly or $400.00 Monthly house membership fee.

 A house member can feel a Strong Sense Of Community, Develop Friendships and Create A Strong Foundation From Which To Grow.

 Mr. Keelen collaborated with Carlos R.Thomas who was once homeless himself for a short time in the late 80's in Pasadena California.

 Mr. Thomas had access to the resources needed, to start The Soul Of the City, L3C and also the business training and the community know-how, needed to create the structured policies and procedures necessary in bringing TSOTCL3C to reality.