People of this world is searching for help
Forgetting that a mighty helper is found in One's self
Troubles and temptations hold so many at bay
The way of this world lead man to stray

I find even I am confused some of the time
It's a struggle living according to mankind
In the land of the living, we trudge through toils and strife
Tribulation we will have while here in this life

Sex, drugs, vindictiveness, these temporarily reign
These demonic entities endeavour surely to destroy man
Behold man's position, it appears he is losing the fight
Embrace a new dawning, cast your eyes upon the light

Surely I believe in the helper I have within
Yes! The moment I open my eyes then the battle began
O mighty people of this world, why do you seek help?
Have you not soon forgotten the mighty helper is found in one's self

Written by: Quentin "Q"
Date: 11-23-15
Place: Gentilly House

This prose won 2nd place at the annual Traveler's Aid Christmas Party Talent Show 2015